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Are You Ready to Actually Finish That Book That’s Been Rolling Around in Your Head?

Here’s How You Can Finally Write Your Christian Nonfiction Book

to Transform Your Life Lessons into Help and Healing for Others


Book Crafters Academy

Exclusive Trauma-Informed Group Coaching

Beginning June 19, 2023

You don’t want your life lessons to be lost.

You want them to be preserved for others and even for future generations.

You can do it.

You can get your book from blank page to the beautiful finished reality.

One you can hold in your hands and provide to others to give them hope and healing.

Yes you can.

  • But you might find that positive self talk isn't doing the job.

  • You're stuck.

  • Not knowing where to start or how to get organized.

    Frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

    Missing this incredibly vital opportunity to share your hard-earned wisdom and experience with others.

    And feeling like you're not fulfilling a crucial aspect of the purpose God made you for.


  • Maybe it feels like writer's block.

    But did you know that one of the most common causes of "writer's block" is FEAR?

      Fear of the Big Project

      Writing a book can be overwhelming, especially when you have a wealth of experience and stories.

      How do you get it all organized?

      How do you decide what to choose and which to leave out?

      How can you even get it to make sense?

      There's a solution for that.

      Just like if you were to build a house, you wouldn’t jump in and start hammering and sawing without a plan.

      You’d build a foundation. Then you’d organize the projects and tackle them one by one.

      Big Projects can be broken down into a series of smaller projects.

      A knowledgeable guide can show you how to do that with your book. 

      Fear of Being an Imposter

      “I am too much” clashes with “I am not enough.”

      Sound familiar?

      It’s part of the confusion and inner turmoil so common for trauma survivors.

      You can feel the same way with your book.

      “My story is too big.”

      “I am too small.”

      “Who am I to be trying to write a book? Who am I to be getting my message out to the world?”

      I feel like an imposter.

      But there’s a solution for that.

      Revisiting who you know you are in Jesus Christ will ground you in truth and shield you from imposter syndrome.

      Understanding the nonfiction book writing process helps bring the unknown to familiar.

      You can move from imposter syndrome to becoming a confident guide for someone else on this journey of life.

      Feeling a Need to Be Perfect

      You want your message to go out to the world, yes.

      But you keep trying to get it perfect.

      It’s what makes you keep re-writing the same paragraph over

      and over

      and over

      and over.

      It’s common for trauma survivors to think that “being perfect” might eventually equate to “being safe.”

      When you want to be perfect, it could be that there’s really something else underlying that desire.

      Fear of ridicule.

      Fear of exposure.

      Fear of vulnerability.

    It's possible to get unstuck from those fears.

    And when these fears—and others like them—are faced for what they are . . .

    And when you have the tools and methods you need . . .

    You’ll be amazed at how capable you are at moving forward.

  • with 

    Book Crafters Academy

    You can finally write your Christian nonfiction book

    to transform your life lessons into help and healing for others.

    Apply for BCA

    Who's the Coach?

    I'm Rebecca Davis, and I've been helping others with their nonfiction books since 2014.

    I've also written 16 nonfiction books of my own. 

    As a trauma-informed book coach, it's my profession and joy to help aspiring authors write their Christian nonfiction books.

    "I had wanted to write a book for quite a while and felt that I had a compelling story, but I really didn't know where to start or how to organize it.

    I didn't quite understand what the process would be for writing a book, and it seemed overwhelming. 

    I had read some of Rebecca's books and really liked them. I also saw on her website that she had worked with several authors I was familiar with, and I liked their books as well.

    Rebecca helped me see that my personal story, subject matter, and content are valid and compelling and would make a good book. She helped me see how a book will fit well with the other things that I'm doing with my ministry.

    She also helped me organize some of my thoughts and gave me a good starting point and direction. 

    Rebecca can help take a 'dream' of writing a book and turn it into a reality. She is easy to work with, understanding, and encouraging.


    She can help give an overall picture of a writing project and also help with direction and steps on how to proceed."

    Anna Harris

    Defined by God Ministries

    Are You Right for Book Crafters Academy?

    Beginning June 19, 2023, I’ll be personally working for two months with an exclusive group.

    This will be a maximum of 10 aspiring authors who have deep life experience and wisdom that they are passionate to share with others.

    Are you one of those 10?

    You’ll be learning all my secrets to help you get your book out of your head, organized, and beautifully completed.

    • My foundational pre-writing secrets.

    • My mindset secrets.

    • My writing secrets.

    • And more.

    Book Crafters Academy combines the best of all I’ve learned through the years.

    Through coaching and consulting, it's designed to help you

    • Overcome your book-writing fears.

    • Get unstuck in your book-writing process.

    • Identify the Four Pillars of your own book's foundation.

    • Undertake the simple and straightforward book planning process, without overwhelm.

    • Find help from the Lord in determining the best way forward with your own book.

    • Implement my proven Toss-Cross-Boss method to create your book's outline.

    • Find and express your best wisdom, knowledge, and experiences.  

    • Understand how to use the elements of fiction to make a good book into a great book.

    • Experience synergy working with others who have the same goal as you, in a collaborative, noncompetitive, environment.

    • Write a book that will bring transformational change to your corner of the world.

    Without experiencing overwhelm.

    (Or at least you can recognize it if it happens and know exactly what to do about it.)

    Without feeling like an imposter.

    You can know what you’re doing, and you’ll know that you’re the very best person to do it.

    Without needing to be perfect.

    You can get that excellent balance of producing your best possible work without being frozen by fear of imperfection.

    "While I am an experienced writer, telling my own story was triggering. I needed someone willing to deeply understand my story while also keeping the objectivity needed to tell it well. 

    Rebecca’s coaching and editing helped me clarify my message, correct my mistakes, and organize my content to better serve my readers. 

    I chose to work with Rebecca not only because she is trauma-informed, but also because she is grounded in God’s Word, wise, and kind. She has a compassionate heart, an analytical mind, and a gentle spirit."

    Esther Wilkison

    Trauma-informed learning coach with LearningLifeguard.com

    What Exactly Is Included in Book Crafters Academy?

    I'm excited to tell you about it!

  • ONE: Three days of intensive in-person training at the beautiful historic Gelder-Roper House in Laurens, SC, from 1:00 June 19th to noon June 22.

  • This also includes your meals for those days (8 meals total), with accommodations for dietary restrictions.

    It also includes your own private bedroom in this historic home.

    (Women only at this first event, but non-participating husbands are welcome to room and board for an additional fee.)

    At this intensive, we’ll focus on accomplishing the most important part of the book-writing process.

    This part may feel like you’re not really even writing, but when you front-load this, the rest will fall into place.

    As we work on these foundational aspects, you’ll experience a blend of

    •  Group training centered around the craft of writing.

    •  Group consultations regarding the topics we address.

    •  Individual and group coaching for personal issues related to your book.

    We’ll grapple with truth, process through hard things, learn a lot, eat yummy food, enjoy the beautiful environment, revel in the camaraderie of others who "get it," and work on building that essential foundation for our books.

  • TWO: Regular interaction in an online group exclusive to BCA members.

  • After our intensive, you may find that you're able to help each other in surprising ways. I'll also be in the group on a daily basis to answer questions and provide encouragement.

  • THREE: Eight weekly 90-minute Zoom conferencing sessions to continue the process.

  • Each meeting will provide

    •   Accountability.

    •   Celebrations of progress.

    •  Teaching from me on the craft of writing.

    •  Group coaching and consultation to help us all keep moving forward.

    •  Individual coaching and consultation as time allows.

  • FOUR: Regular office hours during this period.

  • A video conferencing link will be available to all BCA members to meet with me for one-on-one help during designated times.

  • FIVE: The option to join Book Crafters Society after graduating.

  • Book Crafters Society will be a separate paid month-to-month group exclusively for BCA graduates.

    BCS will provide continued encouragement, accountability, coaching, and consultation to help you finish your book.

    In the future, Book Crafters Academy may cost as much as $7500 or more.

    But founding members will receive the special price of just $2500.

    The first cohort of BCA begins work together on June 19, 2023. 

    Click here to schedule your call with me.

    You Were Wondering . . .

    Is there a payment plan available?

    Yes, if your application is accepted for the June 2023 cohort of BCA, you'll have the option to pay the $2500 in full or to pay in 3 monthly installments of $875 each (for on-site lodging).

    For the 3-day in-person intensive, what will the accommodations be like?

    This June 2023 event will be for women only (with non-participating husbands welcome for $300 each). Each of up to 6 on-site participants will have her own bedroom. The home also has 3 full bathrooms and 3 half bathrooms.

    You can see our retreat location on AirBnB here.

    Meals will be provided by our hostess, who will be there each day, caring for us. She is prepared and glad to accommodate food allergies. Meals included are Monday supper, 3 meals on Tuesday, 3 meals on Wednesday, and Thursday breakfast (8 meals total).

    Is it possible to lodge off site?

    Yes, BCA will receive up to 4 participants who would like to find their own lodging off site. Off-site participants will be responsible for their own breakfast, but the other meals will be included. 

    Off-site participants will receive a $300 room allowance. This means that the pay-in-full price for off-site participants will be $2200, while their payment plan will be 3 monthly installments of $775 each.

    What do I need to have or bring to the intensive?

    Besides the normal supplies necessary for a 3-day-3-night stay, you'll need your computer, any documents pertinent to your book, and your own MS Office account, if possible. I'll be showing ways to simplify the book-preparation and book-writing process in MS Word.

    Who else is on the BCA team?

    Both in person and online, I'll be working with Esther Wilkison, trauma-informed learning coach.

    Esther brings a special set of skills to BCA. Her trauma-informed approach to helping struggling learners perfectly complements my work as a trauma-informed book coach. Esther has also recently been working through the blocks associated with writing her own book, giving her that priceless combination of ability and empathy.

    What will be included in the weekly 90-minute video classes?

    Each week we'll celebrate accomplishments and give each other any tips or resources we've found. Then I'll provide teaching on the craft of writing or the business end of book publication. Then we'll answer questions, brainstorm ideas, and work through any blocks or difficulties participants are experiencing. 

    Tell me more about "office hours."

    "Office hours" will be open for two hours on alternate weeks. It will be a time when I have a video conferencing link open and ready for any BCA members to join for open-ended discussion. You can bring me any questions you may have or any aspect about your book work that you'd like to discuss with me.

    Will you be available for editing and manuscript review?

    For Book Crafters Academy, I'll review manuscripts as we have space for it in the allotted class and office hours times.

    For editing and other services, you can visit my "Services" page of this site, which you can find in the footer below.

    I have another question.

    Send it to me at [email protected]. If I get the same question more than once, you may eventually see it in this list!

    "Once I got my memories written, I got stuck on how to go forward. I had no idea how to write a book. 

    Cynthia and I prayed about it and then went on a hunt to find some help. Reading through Rebecca’s website felt like divine intervention. All of the major elements in my story [sexual addiction, sexual abuse, trafficking, etc] Rebecca had in her wheelhouse. 

    I didn’t really know what to expect entering into this collaboration, but one thing that did jump out is we shared a passion to bring awareness and healing for others. This gave me comfort that our finding each other was God-appointed, and I knew that He was working in this endeavor to see this book to come together.

    As we got started, my concerns that Rebecca would get the story right faded away pretty quickly. She kept telling me throughout the process, “This is your book, your story,” that she was just here to help me get it into a book format. Her insight and experience with this subject even helped her to cut through blind spots I had going into this. She understood the trauma I came out of and was able to take my experiences and make them a compelling story without losing what happened to me.   

    Nobody knows your story better than you, but if you are like me and didn’t have a clue how to write, I would highly recommend you reach out to Rebecca to help make that dream a reality. I found her extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and very easy to work with. 

    The process of writing and working with Rebecca has been a real pleasure, and I am so thankful for her!"

    Randy Lail

    Co-author, Our Born Identity: How My Sexual Addiction Was Broken Through the Power of Jesus Christ 

    If You Don't Join BCA

    You’ll miss out on this golden opportunity to grow as a writer,

    learning from an experienced trauma-informed coach and interacting with peers who are serious about their writing journey.

    You may continue to struggle with writing, continuing to be hindered by fears, doubts, and personal challenges that could be met and resolved

     . . . and you may never finish your book.

    This means you won’t have this powerful vehicle for sharing your story of healing and hope.

    And your opportunity could be lost to make the impact on the world that you long to make.

    If You Do Join BCA

    You’ll learn a systematic process for writing your book that you can apply to every book you write from now on.

    Every book? Yes, I believe you’ll want to write more after this one. That’s how powerful this process is.

    You’ll have tools, tips, and tricks for writing that you can carry with you into all your future writing.

    You’ll have a community of others who also want to use their book to make a powerful impact, like you.

    You’ll have the satisfaction of working on producing a valuable resource that can spread around the world and last through the generations.

    You’ll have a legacy.

    And when you write that book?

    Your life lessons will not be lost.

    They'll be preserved for others now and for future generations.

    You'll have greater authority to speak and teach what the Lord has taught you in your life journey.

    You'll have the satisfaction of a job well done.

    You don't have to be completely free of all fears.

    (After all, you may not be quite human if you were.)

    You just need a way to deal with them and be able to move forward anyway . . .

    with both Structure and Freedom

    Writing your book needs structure.

    Structure for your book. And structure of your time.

    Writing your book also needs freedom.

    Freedom to explore all those thoughts in your head.

    Freedom to express yourself.

    Freedom to enjoy writing.

    These two, structure and freedom, are two of the secret ingredients that can end "writer's block."


    As you look back on your life in 10 years, 20 years,

    will you have any regrets about how you passed on your hard-won life lessons?

    Don’t have regrets.

    Invest in yourself by joining Book Crafters Academy. 

    Now is the time to get exactly the help you need

    to produce your excellent Christian nonfiction book.

    The Bottom Line

    Your Investment in Book Crafters Academy Includes

    • Three full days of intensive work on your book with two experienced trauma-informed coaches and an exclusive, screened and vetted group of serious aspiring Christian authors.

    • Lodging and meals for those three days.

    • 8 weekly 90-minute video conferencing sessions to continue the process.

    • A private online group for continued regular interaction.

    • Regular office hours when BCA members can meet with me for coaching via a video conferencing link.

    • The option to join Book Crafters Society, a separate paid month-to-month group exclusively for BCA graduates.

    Investment: $7500

    Founding Member Special Price: $2500

    A payment plan is available, as well as room allowances for up to 4 participants who provide their own off-site lodging.

    The first cohort, with a maximum of 10 members, begins on June 19, 2023.







    Yes, I Want To Apply for BCA!

    Preliminary questions?

    Write to me at [email protected]

    © 2023 Rebecca Davis WordWorking