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Which Service Is Best for You?

or maybe more than one?

Give yourself the gift of author coaching.

Give your book the upgrade it deserves.

Hourly or Monthly Services

Book Crafter's Clarity Session

will help you get clarity on your work. We can meet in person, over the phone, or over video. We'll discuss

— the purpose of your writing.

— who your target audience is.

— the goals you want to accomplish.

— the format that will be most powerful.

— the best ways to present delicate and difficult material.

— the process through which it can all be accomplished.

Book coaching is $140 for a one-hour session. If you schedule a two-hour session, you'll receive the reduced rate of $240 for that session.

After your initial book coaching session, you may decide to pursue editing, ghostwriting, or another contract service. If you do, then the cost of the initial coaching session will be applied toward the cost of that service.

Monthly Author Partnership

You may prefer to be more invested in coaching as you process difficult material with a book coach who is trauma informed. If so, you may want to invest in book coaching by the month.  

After the initial session, if you choose to work with me long-term, your investment for coaching is $1500 per month. This includes for that month

— weekly coaching sessions as needed.

— review of all manuscripts you send me associated with any one book.

— prompt and unlimited correspondence over email regarding your book and/or the writing process.

Hourly Manuscript Review

with marginal notes, outside of the monthly author coaching sessions, is $140 per hour. You can decide how deep you want me to go with the review, and what your limit on my hours will be.

Creativity Welcome . . .

Do you have an hourly or monthly coaching- or editing-related service you'd be interested in? Go ahead and let me know—I welcome creative thinking. Maybe we can strike up a deal.

Contract Services

Please note: Any quote given for a contract job will be viable for 3 months. If your contract hasn't been signed by then, please contact me to get a fresh quote.

Line-by-Line Copy Editing

is for a completed manuscript. You’ll choose this service if what you want is “pushback" from someone who understands your topic and can help with your perspective. This service includes

— basic proofreading

— smoothing out awkward syntax

— making sure the writing will be clear to the reader

— making suggestions to help the writing be as powerful as possible

— fact-checking

— marginal comments and questions regarding any issues I believe need to be addressed.

After receiving your responses to these comments, I'll go back over the document again to incorporate your answers to these marginal notes.

For this the investment is 9 cents per word.

Developmental Editing (Book Collaboration or “Book Doctoring”)

is for a more or less finished manuscript that needs help, including reorganization, rewrites, and occasional additions. This service includes

— line-by-line copy editing (above)

— helping with the overall structure of the manuscript

— comparing different parts of the document with each other in order to verify consistency of presentation

— providing footnotes and other end matter where appropriate

— providing rewrites when necessary. 

For this the investment is 18 cents per word.

Depending on the amount of original material I provide, it may also mean that I'll have the option to include my name on the cover as the collaborating author (that is, You with Rebecca Davis).


is for you if you have a book idea but have no desire to write the book yourself. You may have journals, recordings, counseling notes, newspaper clippings, social media posts, podcasts, and/or other sources of information, but you need someone else to put it all together.

If you'd like for a Christian trauma-informed ghostwriter to take all your material and write the book, the investment begins at $35,000.

We'll work together in stages: I'll spend time reviewing all your material, interviewing you, interviewing anyone else that will be pertinent, and doing any other appropriate research.

According to our contract, I'll usually write the book in three parts, sending you one part to review while I'm working on the next.

When the entire first draft of the book has been finished, I will then work on the second draft of the entire book, incorporating your corrections and suggestions.

After another round of corrections and changes, I'll produce the third and final draft. 

The whole process usually takes around a year. Throughout the process, we will keep in touch with each other through correspondence and video meetings, as needed.

Book Proposal Preparation

for a traditional publisher includes finding publishers or literary agents who are likely to be interested in your book as well as writing the following:

— an overview designed to hook the publisher (or agent)

— clear identification of a target audience that the publisher will want to reach

— a compelling author bio

— plans for marketing the book with any evidence of a strong audience base

— a list of comparable titles that show significant knowledge about the field

— a description of the gap in the market that shows why the publisher needs to publish this book in particular

— a chapter breakdown with strong and concise chapter synopses.

The investment for this service is $5000.

Self-Publishing Project Management

for a basic full-length book (40,000 words to 60,000 words) is $1895, for both paperback and e-book published on Amazon. (For a smaller book we can negotiate the price.)

With this service, you will receive a book published to the highest standards of professionalism, comparable to books published by large publishing houses. 

Certain services are not included in this price (such as inserting photos and illustrations), but can be done at $140 per hour. 

Back cover text is included in this service, but cover design is not. That can be done for $375.

Book Marketing

This includes setting up your Amazon author page, showing you how to use it, and answering any questions you have about it. It also includes

— establishing key words and phrases so that people who are searching for a book will find yours.

— writing the Amazon book description to focus on those key words and phrases.

— strategically choosing your book categories.

— doing your Book Launch.

If you used one of my editing services for your book, I offer this guarantee for the Book Launch: If you form a Book Launch group of at least 20 supporters who will commit to reading your book and who will write a review on Amazon, the book will get into at least one Amazon #1 category by the end of your Book Launch. If it doesn't, 100% of your book marketing investment will be refunded.

Your investment for launching a book I have edited or collaborated on is $1200. If you would like for me to market a book I did not co-write or edit, then there will be an additional fee for reading the book in preparation for marketing it.

In order for accomplishments achieved during the Book Launch to continue, you'll need organic traffic through your own website and email list, often along with ads. I can help you with that as well, for an additional investment.

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