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How to Craft Your Life-Transforming Book

with a new time-sensitive opportunity for group coaching with Rebecca

With this training you’ll learn

  • 6 Fears that can block your book crafting and how to conquer them.

  • 4 Foundational Pillars to establish before you write your book. These right here will help you crush your fears.

  • 3 Steps to creating your book's outline. Use these and creating your outline will feel like playing a game.

  • 4 ways to help your book connect even better with your readers. It's the way to help your reader keep reading.

  • And you'll find out more about the new opportunity for group coaching with me. It's a $7500 value for far less.

  • And how will you know when you're READY to write your book?

    • You're doing it for a greater reason than just because someone else said you should.

    • No, you need to have a better reason to write your book. Your reason needs to come from within, from the fire inside you. More about that reason in the video above.

    • You're on the other side of grief, anger, and depression.

    • You don't have to be 100% on the other side of it. It may still crop up every once in a while. But you need to see enough light in your life to be able to point the way forward to others.

    • You're able to offer a message of HOPE.

    • Ultimately our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died and rose again for our salvation. No matter what we've passed through in this life, our nonfiction books need to be infused with this hope as we point our readers to a Goal for help with their problem. More about this Goal in the video above.

    • You have a grasp on what your story actually is.

    • You may not understand all of it (you may be writing about domestic abuse, for example, and still not remember your childhood), but you have enough of a grasp to be able to explain the dynamics of your own situation to others.

    • You're ready to do the work of planning and preparation.

    • Writing without planning and preparation? That's what journals and blogs are for. A good book that will serve others takes a good bit of foundational background work. More about that foundational background work in the video above.

    • You know that a book is the best next step to deliver your message to your people.

    • That doesn't mean it's the only vehicle for your message. You may engage in public speaking, one-on-one counseling or coaching, podcasting, blogging, and more. But you're ready now to get that enduring book out into the world.

    Watch the video above to learn how you may be able to engage in group coaching with others who have been screened and vetted for their transformative Christian book. 

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