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Book Coaching for Nonfiction Writers

Because Your Life Lessons Shouldn’t Go to Waste

Get Help with My Writing Project

Those lessons you’ve learned in your pilgrimage

You don’t want them to die with you.

You want to get your message out to the world.

And you want it to be presented in the most excellent form possible.

After all, it’s been burning in your soul.

But you didn’t know writing a book would be so hard

How do you put all the pieces together?

What should you include, and what should you leave out?

How do you "show" instead of "tell"?

How do you make it compelling so your audience will want to read it?

Who is your audience anyway?

Is it really as good as it can be?

You Need Help

You don’t want that life message to fall flat.

You want it to resonate in the ears of your readers.

You need someone who has been helping authors present their message in the most compelling way possible . . . for over a dozen years.

I'm Rebecca.

And I know you want and need someone who can look at your work with a well-trained eye.

That's what I did for one of my authors, the one who wrote the first testimonial below.

In her testimonial, Sue talks about how I formatted her book into a "unique and easy to read fashion."

Sue wanted to teach truths about domestic abuse and recovery.

But you know what made her book become exponentially more powerful?


I gently helped her find stories from her own life to teach each truth. We found the sights, smells, and sounds of each story.

We then incorporated those stories from her own life into each powerful lesson.  

You need someone who will listen to you. Someone who will understand the important message you want to convey in your life’s work.

Yes! I Want to Talk with Rebecca!

How I Can Help You

Book Coaching

You want to write a nonfiction book, possibly a memoir. You need to be clear on your WHY, your WHO, your WHAT, and your HOW. That’s what book coaching is all about: a one-on-one mentoring with a professional who has been doing this for decades.

Substantive or Line Editing

You want a trained expert to review your nonfiction book, the fresh eyes who can see not just the missing comma, but also how your book can flow more smoothly and be more coherent as a whole. One of my favorite things is to help others say what they want to say in the best possible way. Communication with my clients is one of my top priorities.

Book Collaboration or Book Doctoring

You’ve written a nonfiction book but it’s disorganized or it's more "tell" than "show." It needs re-organizing, parts of it need re-writing, and in some cases some information even needs to be added. That's when book collaboration is the right choice.


You have notes, scraps, thoughts. You have recordings and plenty of ideas that you can discuss. But for one reason or another you can’t or have no desire to put the book together yourself. This is when you need a ghostwriter. If the book you want to write is a Christian book or if it has to do with abuse and recovery or a related topic, then I’m the friendly ghostwriter you need.

Self-Publishing Project Management

You have a book all written and want to self publish it. I’ve been producing top-quality self-published books for myself and others since 2014--you can view my Amazon author page to see some of the books I’ve self-published or helped others self publish. Always professional, always on time, quick to get back with my clients.

Website Conversion Copywriting

You need a website and other web pages that will attract potential clients and build your email list. I have the secret formulas to help you do those very things. One of my clients increased her email list by 800% in four months, and her client conversions increased similarly in the same amount of time. 


From My Clients

Are you and I right for each other?

My deep knowledge of subject matter is honed in on two fields, so I can be truly excellent at what I do and offer my clients exactly the help they need. Though I occasionally take work in other fields, these are my primary ones.

The Christian Scriptures and the Christian Life

Do you write from a love for the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ, a love the written word of God, and a love for others?

If you do, then you’ll find that I’ll make an excellent guide on your book writing and publishing path.

I’ve been loving and following Jesus for over 40 years, studying the Bible for over 35 years, and blogging about the Christian life for over a dozen.

(You can explore what I believe and what I write about over at my blog, here.)

I've been discipling, mentoring, and offering spiritual coaching to fellow believers for over 15 years.  

I can help you be confident that your book is Christ-centered and Biblical in the very best sense.

I can make sure your Scripture is used in context, with other pertinent passages applied, and consistent with the message of the Scriptures as a whole.

Abuse, Trauma, and Recovery

Do you write to tell your story of coming out of a traumatic background?

Do you write to help those who are overcoming trauma from abuse of any kind?

Then I’m your book path guide.

As a trauma-informed editor (you won’t find many of those!), I understand the dynamics of abuse, the brain processing pathway, the spectrum of dissociation, how the written Word of God is used to keep the abused in a place of oppression, and much more.

If you're working with a therapist, I can help you keep your book work consistent with your therapy work.

I can help your book be consistent with the current literature on brain science.

I can help you find creative ways to publish hard stories.

There’s no time like now to pursue your dream.

There’s no time like now to create even greater meaning out of your study and your experiences.

You can leave a legacy to your peers and the next generation.

There’s no time like now to get your message out to the world.

Let's Get This Started!

Contact Rebecca

Let me know about the writing that’s on your heart and in your head, and we’ll see if we can work together. I look forward to hearing from you.

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